Keep Your Political Views Out of My Music! The Demise of Protest Songs

Protest songs have been very popular pieces of music in the past but there are slowly but surely fading away. Music is a popular craze for many individuals and they often use that as a form to get a message out—usually a political message—but it’s not something that is always well received. In truth, there are many individuals who want to see political views kicked out of music. So, how and why have protest songs declined in recent years? Read on to find out more.

The Hidden Messages

What you have to remember is that there are hidden messages in protest songs. The lyrics offer a simple insight into what the singer is aiming at and while they can have a meaningful point, it’s not something people always agree with. Remember, political views in protest songs are just not something people want to hear anymore. People are happier listening to a song they enjoy and not because of its political agenda. Music wasn’t really designed for that and while protest songs were so popular for decades, they are slowly on the decrease. Simply, people aren’t interested in political views in songs, they are sick to death of politics.

Keep Your Political Views Out of My Music! The Demise of Protest Songs

Protest Songs Are Being Slowly Hated

For many years, people loved to hear protest songs because they thought they stood for a point but over the years, there has been a sharp decline in the amount of people who actually listen to them and like them. For one reason or another, people have slowly taken away their likes to protests songs, especially when politics are coming into them. Now, politics is a big subject for most individuals and for that reason they don’t want it to cross over to music. It’s understandable but, of course, artists believe that’s how they can get their messages out. However, political messages in songs are always risky, especially in protest songs.

Politics Need to Stay Out of Songs

The truth is that politics really has no place in songs because a lot of listeners can like a song without realising what the message is behind the song. A lot of people like songs from the ’60s because they love the catchiness of the track but have no clue it actually relates to war and how much damage it can do. Protest songs are good on one level but they should keep politics out of it. Sometimes, people take advantage of certain protest songs and turn them around to their own agenda instead of what they were supposed to stand for. What’s more, politicians use them to make a point and it might not be exactly right. For those reasons, protest songs and music have slowly turned into something that people dislike.

Not So Appealing

There are so many political messages in everything people see and that makes them less interested in protest songs with political overtones. Really, ask a good handful of people and you will see that while some still love protest songs and the meanings behind them, many don’t want to see it in their songs. Protest songs have taken a hit in recent times and it’s down to just how political they have become and how unappealing they really are. Music wasn’t supposed to be political.

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